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Nobody wants to entrust a bunch of strangers with their project. Sure, it pays off visiting us in person, let us serve you a coffee and talk about your project in a friendly and casual manner, but we can also do it online – you would have to get your own coffee though. We represent a friendly team of professionals with years of experience. We will show you similar projects based on what you need, but we will also come up with some instant ideas and solutions according to your necessities.

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This presentation will introduce you to our environment and the way we work. We have a positive attitude regardless of the project and we always go the extra mile – no matter what you need, we will provide more than what you request.

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Tim Bourbon

CEO / Founder

Lianna Sears

Front-End Developer

Steve Kyle


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Our team stands for professionalism.

Just like any other company, we have a team of leaders that organize everything. These are only our most experienced team members, but we have a bigger team that gathers over 100 years of experience altogether. We have people specialized in certain languages, as well as people specialized in blogs, electronic commerce or website optimization. We also have project managers, so no job is completed in a headless manner. Simply put, once you decide to go with us, we will make sure we fully understand your requirements and keep in touch with you throughout the project. We will then set a team up based on what you need, then conduct the project and adjust it to make sure it exceeds your expectations.

Our clients come first.

Everything we do floats around you – the client. Each project is the most important one until it is successfully completed and we see a happy client. If you smile, we know we have done a good job. We strive to understand your needs before we decide who will work on your project, then assign a team according to the project requirements. We will come up with sketches, make sure you approve them and go on. We will send you updates on a regular basis – nothing to worry about, we will not spam or stress you out, but make sure everything you want becomes reality. Communication is critical and we try to keep it short and sweet – just the things that really matter. We have never had any complaints from past clients, so we are confident in what we do.

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