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Here at My Cool Realm, we strive to exceed your expectations. We put lots of work into communication, so we can fully understand your vision. Whether you want to show us some samples or it is all in your head, we will figure it out.

We work in a tight collaboration with our clients. We want to know exactly what you want and make it happen. Even if you are less experienced and you want to let us make some recommendations, you can leave yourself in good hands. We will come up with samples and show you regularly updated sketches until we make it happen. Whatever your heart can see, we will turn it into reality and most likely exceed your expectations.




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Going digital is the key to success.

In a world where more and more daily processes are digitalized, we are here to make sure you outweigh your competition. It is one thing to be digitalized and another thing to be properly digitalized. Not only do we put you on a digital map that everyone wants to be part of, but we ensure that your website or project will stand out in the crowd. You will have a design that no one else can match. It is unique, but it also defines the profile, purpose and overall goals of your business.

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“I relied on My Cool Realm fr a website for my debt recovery business. I wanted something that looked official and professional, but also tough and straight to the point. I find it hard to describe my vision, but they managed to do it properly in a timely manner. Besides, I was taught how to update it whenever I wanted to add something new. Great job!”


“I got to My Cool Realm at a friend's recommendation and I must admit it was a friendly experience. They are friendly and talkative, but they also ask questions that you have not even thought about. They have designed the perfect project to help me in my classes – I cannot recommend these guys enough.”




CFO, Perfect Inc.
“I manage a few different businesses, but I also have y own. I used My Cool Realm for various web design and development projects over the last years and I keep coming back whenever I need help. It's a great service that provides perfect value for money.”

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Interested in having your own blog? Consider it done. We will introduce you to the main options and platforms, as well as their pros and cons.


Planning to open your own virtual shop? Problem solved! Get your products ready and we will set the shop up for you, but also teach you how to use it.


Whether you want a basic HTML website, a more sophisticated JavaScript design or a PHP or MySQL database, we have it covered.


It could be any type of script – we have experts trained in every field, from Macromedia Flash and PHP to HTML and CSS. You name it and we got it covered.


We have a team of experienced professionals wherefore graphics will never raise a problem, regardless of what you need – static or animated graphics.


Got a website already? It is failing to convert? We will fix it for you or redesign one from scratch, but also optimize it for maximum efficiency over the Internet.

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Bulk Vape Juice

You may be an owner of a club or bar and wish to introduce your own Vape Juice brand to your inhouse client or you may be thinking to start your own Vape Juice business. Whatever the case may be, the bulk requirement gives you an edge to sign a direct contract with manufacturers and you can have as much as 70% discount from the retail price.

When looking for wholesale e-liquid suppliers, there are many things to consider ensuring that you get the best flavors, highest quality ingredients, and best prices for your vapor store.


You want to give your customers as many options as possible, so you should look for ELiquid Depot that offers a wide range of flavors and strengths. They have a sizable selection of tobacco profiles as well as popular flavors such as menthol, coffee, vanilla and fruit. Rare and exotic e-juices such as Strawberry Banana Cream, A smooth strawberries and cream, Blueberry cheesecake crumble, Classic American Tobacco, Vanilla almond milkshake, and eggnog can make your e-liquid shelves even more attractive.

ELiquid Depot vape juice comes in 3mg and 6mg strength; if your customers are constantly looking for strong liquids, you can look out for suppliers that can offer nicotine concentrations of 24mg or higher.

Vapers are always on the lookout for new flavors. ELiquid Depot should be able to supply you with new products every month so your customers won’t ever get bored.


The best e-liquid suppliers are those that use their e-juice themselves. If they vape their own products, they most likely will be very particular about what goes into their e-liquids.

One of the major advantages with ELiquid Depot vape juice is that they use the highest-grade pure nicotine, USP food-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin sourced in the United States. If you don’t like artificial flavoring, coloring and sweeteners, you can always request for organic e-liquids.

If you have customers who are allergic to propylene glycol, you might want to give them a choice of e-liquids that use a 100% vegetable glycerin base. However, some companies sell VG-based e-liquids but use flavorings that contain PG so make sure that you ask about this detail when you talk to a supplier.

Some vapers have special demands like vegan, Kosher, or sugar-free, or may be allergic to nuts and gluten. ELiquid Depot can cater to such needs if you want to consider adding them to your product range.


The standard size for ELiquid Depot e-liquid bottles is 60-120ml but there are customers who prefer ordering larger containers, so they don’t have to go to the store often. You can always ask if ELiquid Depot can serve to your need.

Safety should always be a priority. Although glass bottles may be a little more expensive, they are safer to use because chemicals such as BPA can leach into your e-liquid when packed in plastic.

ELiquid Depot can also provide test reports for each batch of e-liquid. ELiquid Depot only supply e-liquid that has been tested in a lab and meets all of the legal requirements for product safety and labeling.

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